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Kir Royal £7.90
The classic pre-dinner aperitif cocktail, made with black currant liqueur crème de cassis and topped with chilled champagne  
Bellini £7.90
Peach pure, touch of peach schnapps, topped with prosecco, and garnished with fresh berries  
Strawberry Fizz £9.90
Lady`s brunch! Fresh muddled strawberries, homemade strawberry syrup, absolute vodka, shaken over ice and topped with champagne  
Aspera Bliss £9.90
Aspera`s exclusive champagne cocktail. Cherry sour, black raspberry liqueur Chamboard, homemade secret syrup and topped with chilled champagne  
Mojito £8.90
(Classic, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate) Havana Club Añejo 3 Años Rum, muddled with fresh limes, brown sugar, a slap of fresh mint, topped with crushed ice and dash of soda water
Pornstar Martini £9.90
Vanilia vodka, passoa, passion fruit pure, icing sugar, touch of pineapple juice shaken over ice, strained into a martini glass and served with a shot of prosecco  
Espresso Martini £8.90
1980`s British “Vodka Martini” made with co ee liqueur kahlúa, vodka, simple syrup , a shot of espresso and strained in to a chilled glass  
Bloody Mary £8.90
Vodka over ice, tomato juice, dashes of worcestershire and tabasco, salt, black pepper, a squeeze of fresh lemon and stirred well with a celery stick  
Cosmopolitan £7.90
Grey Goose L`orange vodka, cointreau, fresh lime and cranberry juice shaken over ice, double strained, smoked with a singed orange peel  
Tom Collins  £7.90
This is the master of all-time gin classics. Tanqueray London dry gin, a squeeze of fresh lemon, simple syrup and preferably egg-white shaken over ice and topped up with soda water  
Piña Colada  £8.90
This cocktail has travelled the world to become a classic! Bacardi rum, coconut liqueur, pineapple juice and coconut milk shaken over ice and strained in a long glass  
God Father  £8.90
One of the best after-dinner cocktails is made of Scotch whisky, Disaronno ameretto, stirred gently and strained in an old-fashioned glass  
Margarita  £8.90
It`s more than a girl`s name! Tequila, cointreau and lime juice shaken over ice, served with salt on the rim of the cocktail glass  
Aperol Spritz  £7.90
Aperol Spritz is an aperitif cocktail consisting of aperol, prosecco and touch of soda water  
Amaretto Sour  £8.90
Disaronno Amaretto, fresh lemon, angostura aromatic bitters, emulsified, then shaken over ice until chilled. You may forget you`re drinking alcohol  
Lychee Martini £9.90
Aspera`s signature cocktail! Homemade lychee syrup captured with the floral melon flavour of lychees, Grey Goose vodka, cointreau and dash of lychee puree, shaken over ice and strained in to a martini glass
Strawberry Daiquiri  £9.90
Bacardi rum, cointreau, twist of fresh lime, frozen whole strawberries and homemade strawberry syrup, blended with ice and garnished with fresh strawberries  
Chocolate Espresso Martini  £9.90
After-dinner drinks and dessert come together delightfully in this coffee flavoured coctail! Baileys Irish cream, butterscotch, coffee liqueur kahlua, chocolate milk and a shot of espresso, shaken over ice and garnished with chopped bittersweet chocolate
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